Mentorship & Brotherhood

Sharing Stories & Experience To Impact

This initiative is about coming together, sharing and learning. Reaching our youth so that they can be impactful to our next generation.

If our parents generation had been totally proactive and brave about embracing and empowering our generation the world would be a much different place. We must not sway away from our responsibility to the youth; their future depends on it. The future of our world depends on it. Jasiri Basel

What is the Manhood-101 Initiative

Men working together to build stronger men for our future.


Personal Development of Young Minds


Sharing Our Experiences For Growth & Insight


Learning From Each Other To Improve Conditions


As We Work Together We Get Better

The ManHood 101 Movement

It is our responsibility to the future to equip young men with the neccessary skills, character,mentality and emotional strength to be leaders. We must give the best of us to them in the early stages of life so they can give the world the best of themselves!


To Be Great


To Be Great


Give Examples and Inspiration


Impart Knowledge & Wisdom


Hands on Communication


Bringing Us Together


The Journey Captured in Photos & Video

ManHood 101 Crest

ManHood 101 Events & Panels

Live event panel discussions, that bring seasoned mentors together with our youth. Discussion, engagement and collaboration on solving current issues, personal guidance and pathways for the future.

ManHood 101 events are extremely engaging life changing 1 day events that open the minds of our youth to work together for our community, and their futures. Which teach them some core elements of what becoming a man is about. We help prepare them for the unique road that is ahead of them. The mentors that are choosend to work with the young men exhibit core character traits that our young men need to see.

There is not a young man yet that has left a ManHood 101 event without a better perspective on life and better prepared to succeed in the real world.

Next Event
Saturday April 22nd 2017 | 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
Gus Young Community Center, Baton Rouge, La
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Some of Our Goals

We are ambitious, and you can help! Here are some of the goals for ManHood 101.

10000+ Youth Touched
250+ Mentors
50+ Events
5000+ Books Distributed


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